445 high and medium quality gifs featuring the beautiful Anna Paquin as the bamf Sookie Stackhouse. They are mostly small and medium sized, but there are a few large ones thrown in there as well. None of the following gifs belong to me. Small warning; There are quite a few nsfw gifs mixed in there, so beware. Please like or reblog if you’re using! 


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300 FAVORITE MOVIES (in no particular order)

197. Scream 2 (1997)

"There are certain rules that one must abide by in order to create a successful sequel. Number one: the body count is always bigger. Number two: the death scenes are always much more elaborate - more blood, more gore. And number three: never, ever, under any circumstances, assume the killer is dead."

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new icon because bbs

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Michael Guerin is too important not to be protected. 

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ESFP Traits - “The Performers”


Positive Traits:

  • Highly social, friendly and outgoing
  • Loads of fun to be around
  • Thrive on excitement
  • Truly love people
  • Likely quite popular – people tend to be highly drawn to them
  • Fun-loving, enthusiastic, lively
  • Spontaneous
  • Very open to and accepting of everyone
  • Funny
  • Warmhearted and compassionate
  • Laid back, go-with-the-flow kinds of people
  • Usually generous, warm and loving
  • Clever and witty
  • Generally “light and free” kinds of people
  • Often practical and well able to attend to day-to-day needs
  • Interested in making the most of each moment
  • Love new people and new experiences
  • Love to be the center of attention
  • “Live-in-the-moment” types of people
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Good peacemakers
  • Sympathetic and compassionate towards others
  • Highly observant and can often sense when something is wrong with someone before others can
  • Great at providing practical care for others
  • Optimistic
  • “The world is a stage,” “life is a party” tend to be their mottos
  • Love to entertain and make others happy
  • Typically treat everyone as a friend (but are capable of deep dislike if crossed)
  • Hands-on learners
  • Usually hate structure and routine (can be positive or negative)
  • Good improvisers
  • True appreciators of the “finer things in life,” like good food, good wine and aesthetic beauty
  • Great team players
  • Likely to love animals and/or children

Negative Traits:

  • Tendency towards immaturity
  • May become overly indulgent and overlook long-term consequences of actions
  • Can be reckless/frivolous with money
  • Can be impulsive
  • Tendency to be over-dramatic
  • Can be neglectful of their health and wellbeing
  • May be materialistic
  • Often do not handle criticism well – tendency to take things very personally
  • Long-term commitments may be a struggle for them
  • Tendency to ignore or try to escape from conflict rather than deal with it
  • Often do not pay adequate attention to their own needs
  • Always excited by something new and may frequently change partners
  • Not the best advice givers due to their dislike of future planning
  • Usually hate structure and routine (can be positive or negative)

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The only downside of this Roswell rewatch is it is making me want to make an aliens on earth group rp plot for the future. 

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